Requirements for Landscapers

Whether you are looking for a greenskeeper or groundskeeper, it is important to find a landscaper with a range of skills and qualifications. Unlike a groundskeeper, who simply plants and maintains green spaces, a landscaper does all of these things and more. As with any professional occupation, a landscaper must be physically fit in order to perform the work required of him. While most people don’t need a formal education to become a landscaper, some employers prefer to hire those who have some type of training or certification.

Although landscapers don’t have to have a college degree, a high school diploma is a minimum requirement. The job requires some physical fitness, as many landscapers operate heavy equipment and may need to chop down trees to create a beautiful landscape. Landscapers may work in both urban and rural areas. They may also have to deal with children, so physical fitness is important. However, a landscaping job can be a great summer job for high school students.